15 Memorable Books

Okay, so Facebook is good for something after all. I recently filled out a survey on 15 memorable books. Here is my list. But as I am an inveterate blogger I had to add my comments on why I think these books were so important to me. Click on the link to find the whole article.

The first five articles (1-5) are works that excited me when I was a college dropout before I went back to school.

The next set of six books (6-11) excited me when I was in college.

The last set of books four books (12-15) excited me after I left college for the second time.

1. Joseph Campbell. The Masks of God.
2. The Works of William Shakespeare.
3. Charles Norris Cochrane. Christianity and Classical Culture.
4. The Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition (1910).
5. James Joyce. Ulysses.
6. The Works of Aristotle.
7. Roger Scruton. A Short History of Modern Philosophy.
8. Ovid. Metamorphoses.
9. Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun.The Roman de la Rose.
10. Chariton. Caereas and Callihroe.
11.    Edmund Spenser. The Faerie Queene.
12.    Immanuel Kant. Critique of Judgment.
13.    The collected works of Augustine.
14.    Boethius. Consolation of Philosophy.
15.    William E. Heise. Writing for People Who Hate Writing.


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