Okay, I’m done with my ‘authentic’ American music for a while. Now I’m going to travel to Eastern Europe, where they are gradually imitating the individualism of the West without penetrating the surface. In this, they are perhaps imitating the worst parts of the American experience without necessarily appreciating what drives us to get rich in the first place.

I happened across the identity of the busty woman from last year’s post Balkan Dance Mix, and what do you know: she’s got a YouTube video with 12 million hits on it.

Her name is Andrea, and she’s formed a group with Costi Ionita (yes, THE Costi Ionita) called Saraha. Most of my favorite songs feature her singing duets with Costi, but she sings my favorite alone in a nightclub where no one is applauding but where you can still hear the sounds of stadium applause.

It’s called ‘S teb da badem pak’ (look it up on Google translate if you’re curious; I wasn’t). I actually find this the catchiest of her songs, and I’ve been listening to it all week. In it, she’s singing in the Lady Gaga costume of 2010 (underwear and mask). I have no idea what she is saying.

Her biggest hit, judged by the 12 million hits on YouTube, is UPOTREBENA (Halele). I don’t actually know whether this is the title of the song; I’m guessing. Does it matter when most of the comments on the video are variations of ‘Oh look! A pair of singing breasts!’ and ‘It’s not porn!’ Anyway, here it is:

Another of my favorite things in Balkan music (which I really do like in spite of its sometimes comical imitations of Western dress and the body) is the imitation of English by people who don’t actually speak it. This happened to me when I had a student who was talking about ‘big mistakes’ (she used it as a singular noun). Here, Costi says

Super heat. From Andrea and Costi. For entire Balankia. Listen now. 1-2-3. Come on. Heeeyyyy!

What could be better that that?

Even on her own, she’s got some appeal. Her 3.6 million YouTube hits on her single ‘Izlaji me’ must mean something, rigth?:


Anyway, I thought you needed to know.

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