Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dr. Dre and Eminem

This week, I was talking about the distinction between critics and artists in my novel Poker Tales. This is one of those things that concerned me when I was an academic. As a literary critic, I thought it was my role to come in
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Yumi Arai

I'm way behind on my work this week, so here's a Beach Boys inspired song from Japanese superstar Yumi Arai, aka Yumi Matsutoya. It's called Rouge no Dengon ["Lipstick Message" in English]: httpv:// While you're listening, you can read about Yumi here. But if not,
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My Last Leone

Towards the end of last year, I finished watching 150 westerns in preparation for a future project. But, as I did when I watched 150 film noirs, I saved a few choice bits for last because I knew that my pace of watching so many
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