Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Be Good Tanyas

I have to say that one of the reasons I like my friend Ruth, with whom I disagree on politics (let's face it; I disagree with almost everyone on politics), she has excellent taste in music. A month ago, she introduced me to a woman
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My Preference for Business News

Everybody seems obsessed with placing me in a ‘proper’ political position on a 2-dimensional line where I am either conservative of liberal. According to this model, everyone initially agrees that I make good points and one of ‘us,’ but as they probe more, they start
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Latin Hungarians

I've never heard of Tatrai Tibor and Szucs Antal Gabor, and you probably haven't either, but they are Hungarian musicians who play Latin music. Why do they play Latin music? Who knows? At the time this recording was made, they were probably saying 'Why not?
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