The Be Good Tanyas

I have to say that one of the reasons I like my friend Ruth, with whom I disagree on politics (let’s face it; I disagree with almost everyone on politics), she has excellent taste in music. A month ago, she introduced me to a woman name Laura Love. I bought her album, and I think she’s awesome. I would have given you links to her songs, but none of her songs from this album are on YouTube.

But the other day, I asked my friend Ruth to send me more suggestions, and this time she sent me the music of The Be Good Tanyas. Well, I got excited at once, because with a name like The Be Good Tanyas, it has to be good. And lo and behold, on the second song I listened to, they were playing (oh my heart of hearts) a BANJO! (See here for the reasons that I truly love the banjo).

And that was not all. The second song I listened to also had a garden theme. Well, I hate gardening, but I am not indifferent to looking at other people work in their gardens. That includes my wife, who loves her garden (I love her in spite of this). And wouuldn’t you know it, I love this song. So I made a tape of it, and gave it to her to listen to on the way to work. But I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Here is my favorite song by The Be Good Tanyas. It’s called ‘Ship Out On the Sea.’

I think I will put this song on my list of music to play at my funeral. It is no accident that the songwriter uses a theme she derives one of the themes from Syd Barrett’s ‘Jugband Blues,’ one of the most insane lyrics of my insane adolescence.

You wouldn’t think country music people would be citing the insanity of Syd.

My second favorite song has a dog theme (I don’t really listen to lyrics, being far more interested in the complex rhythms and time signatures than lyrics sung by Britney Spears). That’s off the point. The song is called “Dogsong.’ It, too, fronts a solid banjo line.

The first song I listened to was called ‘The Littlest Birds.’ It, too, is sublime, although it’s lacking the twang of the old banjo.

This is by far the best band I have discovered this year. Thanks again, Ruth.

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